Sabudana Khichdi

My late mum was a practicing Hindu and for most of her life she fasted on Thursdays. While she did try to instil religion in me, it never took hold. However, I must say I absolutely love the snacks she’d make for fasting. This, undoubtedly is my favourite. I don’t care about which religion you’re from, you have to admit, Upvaas food is the bomb.

I used big Sabudana (tapioca pearls) for this, not the small ones.

In the past there were some major gross methods for manufacturing sabudana, now it’s mostly done by machines and markedly less vomit-inducing. Use peanut powder generously or you’re going to end up with a soggy lump that looks like it is the larval stage for some disgusting animal. To make peanut powder, roast peanuts, let them cool, peel them, and then powder them using a mortar and pestle or a mixie. Mortar and Pestle tastes slightly better but is tedious. I used a mixie.

Sabudana is made from Tapioca. The other main ingredients are potato and peanut powder. All three, tapioca, potato, and peanuts were all brought to India by the Portuguese and Dutch. Anyone talking about how this is a ‘traditional’ food is talking out of their arse.

So, to make this tasty ‘Upvaas’ snack, let’s Go To The Kitchen.

(click on Page 2 for ingredients)

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