So I’ve always said this, Dal Chawal is the baap of comfort food. And, as an Indian, you have so many options for this stuff!

In 2016 I went for a long ride around Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa, spending around 23 days with the love of my life, my Iron Bitch, Champa. I always think of it as my ‘honeymoon period’. I stopped for breakfast near Srirangapatna, Karnataka which was the capital city of Tipu Sultan. Unfortunately, it had rained like crazy and I had an appointment to keep so I never got to see the city and I hope to return sometime. Now, I did stop for breakfast and watched this road side vendor make kickass saambaar and he let me watch so I made a few mental notes. He was a Shetty apparently, so that’s the saambaar I make.

Now, saambaar originates in Tamil Nadu where apparently (later) Chatrapati Sambhaji of the Maratha Confederacy, ordered a dal made for himself like the Marathi Aamti. Now, the similarities are right there, the spices, the coconut, the use of tamarind, etc. However, ‘South India’ is a diverse place, so saambaar is different in different districts, let alone states (I’m told caste differences also exist). I’m sticking to the Tulu (Mangalore/Udipi) one because that’s the one I like. Also, I use a whole bunch of shortcuts and this might not seem like an ‘authentic’ recipe to most, but then again, I won’t lose any sleep over it. I can’t stress this enough, this blog is not to make you an expert, it’s just to make you independent.

Now, this stuff is like your basic accompaniment with Idlis and Dosa or whatever, but I’m a bit of a traditionalist sometimes and love me some saambaar and rice. Now, if you want to eat the Tulu answer to the Marathi Aamti, let’s Go To The Kitchen.

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