Fried Rice

One of my exes once told me that the thing she loved the most from my kitchen was the Chinese food I make. I don’t think my Chinese food is that great and since the woman never ate any meat I genuinely don’t think she ever sampled the entire variety of my culinary experiments. This is the basic Fried Rice, and work as a vegan dish.

This recipe is almost the same as the Noodles recipe. It just needs you to cook the rice separately first, the way you would cook your noodles first. Now, I usually adore rice because I grew up eating a lot of it and frankly, I do not know how to roll rotis. It’s not that they’re not round, in fact my rotis look more like the sculpture of an amoeba trying to move towards food. Moreover, I absolutely detest having to knead dough and again, it’s a lot of work for very little payback and I’d rather just survive on rice. Whenever I crave roti I just buy it from the shop. I have often been told this is the reason why I will never be able to find a wife and settle down.

Either way the thing I love about rice is what one of my historian friends once told me: if you’re starting off a civilization, rice is one of the best things to have on your tech tree. You don’t have to process it like say wheat or barley into bread, just boil the damn thing and you’re done. Besides, there is literally no scarcity of variety in rice dishes, so you can never really run out of ideas. However, I have a confession to make, I rarely if ever make Fried Rice for myself, as I am a Noodles person.

Now, this is an Indo-Chinese food, as I’ve said before, you need to keep moving the stuff around and cook it fast, else it’s no fun. Also, this is a basic fried rice recipe and you can screw with it to get all the other fancy stuff you see in restaurants. You could throw in some fried egg or pieces of boiled chicken if that’s what you fancy but I am keeping it simple for this basic vegan dish. It goes down pretty well by itself or as with a gravy, like Chicken Chili.

So, for basic competency of the stuff you get at a Chinese ka Thela, let’s Go To The Kitchen.

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