Chicken Chilly (Gravy)

This bad boy is a classic of every Chinese restaurant or street vendor. Now, it’s an Indo-Chinese food so obviously Chinese people will probably say it’s not something they identify with. There’s also an American version of Chili which uses both beef and canned beans in tomato sauce. I’ve never had it and the ingredients are controversial because the world doesn’t lack for stupid people.

Now, I have a grievous fault which is that whenever I drink, I drink like my liver owes me money and called my mother a whore. As an accompaniment, I can think of few things better than Chicken Chili. My friend/brother Russel is an especially huge fan of it, something that I did not fully appreciate. One day we ended up talking about weddings, and I expressed my idea of a budget cocktail party. I wanted it to happen after the wedding because I don’t understand why you’d want to get married while you were hung over. I also suggested that there should be a very, very limited number of guests, as I have never in my life wanted to pay for the drinks of people I did not particularly like which includes most of my extended family, colleagues, etc.

A simple venue like a beach house somewhere, a DJ to play some good tracks, a table with enough assorted alcohol to make Al Capone blush would be added. Food? I figured that a guy making kebabs on the side for everyone and perhaps a small amount of biriyani for anyone who wanted main course. Russel however had one issue with this. He felt that there should be some Chinese starter, especially Chicken Chili to be added, because, get this, and I quote: “You make that really well.”

“You don’t actually expect me to cook at my own wedding, do you Russel?” I asked.

“Who else is going to be cooking then?”

Leave it to my family who would literally have me slaving over a hot stove at my own wedding.

Anyway, if you are hoping to learn how to make Chicken Chili, let’s Go To The Kitchen.

Published by The Yeti

I'm a Home Cook who is willing to share whatever little knowledge he has.

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