Egg Curry

Egg curry is one of those things that should be considered a bachelor’s stable diet. I’m not going to wax eloquently about how it’s rich in protein or whatever, I honestly don’t care. It’s good food and easy to make.

I quite prefer this with rice, but if you like roti or bread will also work. My personal favourite place to have this is this place called Ronak Dhaba in Boisar, Maharashtra. If you’re ever in town, do try the place, it has really kickass yet affordable food.

I recommend using a mixie to prep the vegetables for this, but in a pinch, a knife will do. A mixer-based curry gives you that authentic restaurant, dhaba or canteen look.

If you’re lucky enough to find Egg Curry masala mix anywhere, go ahead and use that.  Else just use normal Garam Masala.

We’re using Kashmiri lal mirch for the colour. If you don’t care, skip it.

To relieve those pleasant hostel or dhaba memories from yesteryear, let’s Go To The Kitchen.

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I'm a Home Cook who is willing to share whatever little knowledge he has.

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