If you’ve been to North India, be it in the street, or be it at a wedding, you know that people are crazy about Rajma Chawal. It’s a staple and yet a delicacy, something that doesn’t happen that often.

I always find it interesting because Rajma, Chili, and Tomato are all from Mexico and weren’t introduced in India up until say, 400 years ago. I personally am not a fan of Rajma and don’t understand the fascination at all.

Regardless, I once dated a lady whose ancestry was based in Uttaranchal and she demanded I cooked Rajma for her every damn week. She did the same from her mother. She got her wish from both. So, long story short, she loved the Rajma I made, and I’d make it for her regardless.

To learn how to make this succulent gravy for ourselves and our loved ones, let’s Go To The Kitchen.

Published by The Yeti

I'm a Home Cook who is willing to share whatever little knowledge he has.

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