Chicken Korma

This dish is a regular on my plate and very close to my heart. My late father used to make it all the time, so I grew up on it. It’s damn easy and it tastes absolutely amazing, which is why it’s a huge favourite of mine.

My friends have taken it to calling it the ‘Get Laid’ curry. I will explain why. As a broke bachelor I’d often not have the money to take women out on dates. I instead offered to cook for my dates, and they absolutely jumped at the offer. This dish was simple to make and served with rice, so honestly it was right up my alley.

While cooking, we’d end up talking and having a more organic conversation than we did than in a restaurant. The gravy itself hits the right spot of being sour and spicy and comfy enough to lower one’s guard. Besides, in my opinion cooking for someone can be an act of affection which may endear them to you.

Then comes the ‘Get Laid’ part. Whether it was the conversation or the food, it did work a few times.

So gentlemen, if you wish to learn the dish that helped me win many hearts, or rather, get laid, lets Go To The Kitchen.

Published by The Yeti

I'm a Home Cook who is willing to share whatever little knowledge he has.

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