I won’t bore you.

As a guy who cooks I regularly look up recpies online and I swear to god I hate reading the thousand or so annoying words about some jackass telling me how they came by it.

They’re usually like

“Oh I came by this recipe from my grandmother who stole it from Snarlag the evil witch of Zorba, which is in blah blah hyperlink to my other recipes”

I honestly couldn’t care less.

So I keep my recipes simple.

First, a slight intro which I swear you can zoom past if you don’t give a shit.

Second, a short recipe for those of you who are experts and want to get through it quickly.

And third, a long recipe with a step by step process if you have the time and/or aren’t sure how to go about it. I will do this to spare you the boredom.

I also believe that food always goes well with a nice story, and I’ll upload a small story aboout the recipe as another article which will be linked in the intro, but reading it is up to you.

Hope you guys like it.

Published by The Yeti

I'm a Home Cook who is willing to share whatever little knowledge he has.

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