Dal Fry

Dal Fry is a classic home food, a basic staple no matter be it in a restaurant or at home.

As you can imagine this recipe is very close to my heart, and instead of making this recipe stupid long, I have written an article about Dal Fry that you can read here (insert link later)

This recipe is dedicated to the person who taught it to me, my first guru, my mum, whom I called Aai.

I have used a combination of two dals here, namely an equal mix of Tur Dal and Masoor Dal, which I believe compliment each other beautifully.

It’s not exactly a difficult thing to make and most idiots can make it if you follow the instructions properly.

Click on Page 2 for more

To learn how, let’s go to the kitchen.

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I'm a Home Cook who is willing to share whatever little knowledge he has.

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