About this Blog

A couple of years ago I lost a bet with one of my best friends, and as a punishment, I had to create a blog teaching people how to cook.

Obviously, dear reader, this is not an ominous start. So allow me to explain.

I am a decent cook, or what you’d call a home-cook. I have never had any formal training whatsoever yet have been churning out amazing food for friends, family, and colleagues for at least half my life. If you feel like checking out my personal instagram which is mostly pictures of food, go to https://www.instagram.com/indianyeti/?hl=en

Like most home cooks I learned my craft primarily from my mum, but more importantly from experimenting. I started posting on social media and saw a multitude of people asking me for recipes and then never trying them out. Unfortunately, almost no one tried these recipes.

Until, that is someone did, and I lost my damned bet.

I realized that for some reason, most people do collect cooking recipes but never end up trying them. Some people are plain out lazy. Some just don’t have the time. But most, I feel, are really scared of screwing things up in the kitchen. And that is the most understandable fear of all, the fear of failure

The way I see it, cooking is a life skill, like say, knowing how to drive a car, or using a computer. You should have picked up basic competency of these things by the time you got out of college.

However, many of us never got the chance. Some of us were off at boarding schools and never got to learn. Some of us didn’t have the time. Some of us didn’t have any instruction. Some of us buckled to gender norms or familial expectations and never picked up the skill.

Some of us just didn’t give a shit.

Most of us however got kicked out of the kitchen by someone who was working there and just didn’t or couldn’t teach us for whatever reason.

Now, in this blog I don’t intend to make you a god of cooking because I myself am nowhere close. I do however believe in being competent. Here you can learn how to put a few square meals on the table, along with some tasty treats, and a few other fancy culinary delights. To do all this we are going to do what we should have done as young adults.

Let’s Go To The Kitchen.

Published by The Yeti

I'm a Home Cook who is willing to share whatever little knowledge he has.

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